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10:38AM March 25, 2022

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On March 15th, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) closed the acceptance window for American Rescue Plan (ARP) broadband grant applications.  By that time, VEC had submitted 23 applications for new service areas within Bradley, Cumberland, Hamilton, McMinn, Rhea, Roane, and Polk counties.  The total project cost for these 23 applications, if awarded, would exceed $125 million.  With a state match of 70%, a full award would see the ARP funds providing over $87 million toward the total project cost.  At the conclusion of the application window, the state had received 215 unique applications totaling over $1.3 billion in requested funds.  Due to the volume of grants that were submitted, the state has pushed back the award deadline from early June 2022 to early August 2022.  As soon as VEC has notification of an award, cooperative personnel will begin work on the awarded areas.  The grant guidelines require all projects be completed within 36 months of the award announcement.  The vec-twinlakes.org fiber maps have recently been updated to reflect all of the areas that were applied for during this funding opportunity.  Any area highlighted in red has an outstanding ARP grant application.  Areas highlighted in orange are currently under construction, and areas highlighted in green already have broadband service availability.  Please continue following this update page for the most current status of the ARP broadband grants.

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