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2021 State Grant , HELP NEEDED! - Spring Creek Project Updated- Birchwood Project Update

8:36AM August 11, 2021

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2021 State Grant, HELP NEEDED!

The State of Tennessee has announced a new grant opportunity worth $500 million, which will be opened for application in October 2021. The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provided federal funds to Tennessee, some of which were allocated for the use of broadband expansion. $400 million will be awarded in infrastructure projects, while $100 million will be used to provide community support services, including low-income subsidies.  This money is in addition to the $100 million dollars of state funds that have already been allocated for broadband in 2021. This money will be available for ALL unserved areas. VEC plans to apply for all remaining unserved cooperative areas. Because it will be a competitive application process, we need as many letters of support as we can get, from all areas. Additionally, any area the FCC defines as already having broadband access can still receive a grant award.  We just have to provide proof of the lack of access, so we are also asking everyone to provide speed test information. 

Please download a copy of the support letter template and speed test verification form here: https://vec.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Broadband-Letter-of-Support..docx.

The form needs to be downloaded, modified to your specific details, printed and signed, and returned to the cooperative.  It can be mailed to PO Box 277, Decatur, TN 37322, or emailed to broadbandsupport@vec.org.  We appreciate your support in this effort!

Spring Creek Project Update

The Spring Creek Broadband Project is complete.  All service zones are now available for subscription.  If you live inside of the Spring Creek service zone, and haven't already signed up for service, please contact Twin Lakes and subscribe today!

Birchwood Project Update

The third phase of the Birchwood Broadband Project is almost complete. As service becomes available, we will be releasing a list of addresses so those with access can go ahead and subscribe and get connected.  The first round of available addresses should listed around the end of August or first of September.  The entire project will be finished by the end of September.  More details to follow.

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