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12:56PM June 07, 2018

rebecca Levings

Please bring fiber to the Banther Road/Bancroft area! Some areas are served by Charter, but those morons won't come the 1/4 mile to my house from the corner, or to any of the other homes on our road and attached roads. We have several high end homes here with people working from home some. AT&T is here now but only offer 6 MBPS (DSL), slow as a snail for streaming (I'm a cord cutter) and working from home, which many of us increasingly do, at least part of the time. We need fast data, and are willing to pay! Other options are available here but are also slow or up and down with the speed. Please consider us soon! Currently we are listed on this site as the generic "VEC Service area", sounds hopeless to me. We are very near the Mahan Gap service area, and have some very interested future broadband users! Thank you