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1:41PM September 25, 2018

Anthony Wnoroski

I live in a nice area in Harrison by the food city on 58. It would be even better if I didn't have to cry over xfinity's terrible service. Both providers (xfinity and AT&T) are terrible, and I miss the EPB fiber I had at my old place. This sounds like it could be an amazing replacement. Please, take the headaches away. From the looks of the map, I'm next to North Ooltewah and Mahan Gap which have service, so I hope you expand my way. Seriously, I will go and cancel the xfinity the second you are an option in my area. I will also help any way I can to make this move faster. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM COMCAST! You have my money for electric, so please take more by providing me amazing fiber too!