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11:43PM September 09, 2018

Fred Schmidt

Hello, I just found this site this evening (09-09-2018) and went through the log-in, etc. The speed test was inaccurate for the norm here. It showed 4+Mb, but that was after 3+ days of no internet at all and intermittent service for parts of 3 days. This is with Frontier, and when I contacted Tech Services, I was told that since I am hooked through the terminal in Fairfield Glade, I can expect this to happen from now on. I don't think I will accept that. When I heard about VEC going with Twin Lakes and putting in internet service, I had hoped I would have a chance at better service. Then I find that I am listed as a "Remote" area and your company is probably not going to be in the Fairfield Glade area for some time. The "Remote" area I live in is the last street on the original FfG map, although they never reached this far, and we are not far off Peavine Road. Somehow, that means that we are untouchable by most cable and telephone companies. One company I called after we moved here said if I lived the other side of Browns Creek, I could have their service, but because I live on the side that I do, they won't cross the creek. Those of us who live on this hill could use the internet service you could provide for us, and the number of people living here has tripled in the last couple of years, maybe making it worth your effort. Thanks for listening to my ranting.